Activation and database cleansing

Clean your base to improve email quality,
increase deliverability and obtain higher opens, clicks and conversions

Database Cleansing & (re)Activation

1 - Deduplication: removal of double entries in your database

2 - Cleansing against our database of 170m emails excluding invalid and inactive addresses

3 - Activation: Optinisation by matching against our database or by sending a request to web users

4 - Reactivation: for emails in common with our database, check of the last activity date

An easy 4-steps process

Our database


- reduce costs of resending emails, avoid losing customers and wasting marketing resources on incorrect contact details

- Increase response rates & Improve profits through accurate targeting of sales prospects

- Protect your brand – incorrect details cause negative perception

- Reduce risks being blacklisted by internet service provider

Results 2015

58M@ deduplicated

15M@ cleaned

12M@ optinised

1M@ reactivated