At Predictys, we adhere to a strict code of ethics based on the following commitments.

To consumers

Consumers have the right to be informed of, correct, or delete any personal data concerning them. The personal information we collect will be used only to send relevant, personalized communications that consumers have previously agreed to receive.

To advertisers and website owners

We have adopted the code of ethics recommended by the French Direct Marketing Trade Association (SNCD):

Compliance with industry regulations, standards, and best practices

We comply with all applicable regulations as well as the standards and best practices specific to our industry.


We guarantee that we will keep strictly confidential any information about your company that we obtain as part of the services we provide. And we have the processes in place to make sure we keep this promise.

Data security

We have taken—and will continue to take—whatever measures necessary to ensure that your data, documents, and other materials remain secure.

Professional liability insurance

We have purchased a professional liability insurance policy to cover the risks we incur as part of our business operations.

Expert advice

We will draw on our specialized knowledge and experience to recommend the best products and services for your needs.

Best-effort promise

We will put all of our technological and human resources to work to give you the best service possible. If one of our systems fails, we will offer you a reasonable alternative so you can still get the service you need.

Compliance with employment law

All of our employees and those of our subcontractors are legally registered and eligible to work in their country of employment; in France such requirements are set forth in Articles L 143.3, L 143.5, and L 620.3 of the French Labor Code.